Save Time and Money with ThreatEye.

Time is a Threat Hunter’s Largest Obstacle.

In this reality, every second a threat remains undetected matters.  Risks to the enterprise can achieve “bet the business” scale, from undetected pirating of sensitive intellectual property or customer personally identifiable information (PII) to the complete takedown of an entire infrastructure. Threat hunting assumes malicious actors have subverted perimeter defenses and are already active within a network. By proactively and iteratively searching through networks for evidence of attacks that are able to evade existing security monitoring tools, this tactic operates on the predicated assumption of compromise.

Powered by Machine Learning.

Year over year the exponential increase in network traffic volume makes threat hunters’ uphill battle even steeper. Traditionally a labor-intensive manual process, lack of time, skills and resources to sift through the exhaustive amounts of data often overpower threat hunters’ ability to conduct quick and clear analyses. CounterFlow’s Intelligent Packet Capture technology, ThreatEye, is arming threat hunters with better forensic functionality  and intuitive data visualization at scale.

ThreatEye can significantly reduce the data set, identify the indicators of an unknown threat and direct the investigations in a faster, more intelligent manner. It uses machine learning to analyze packet activity to continually tailor its capture and detection techniques to enable real savings in both time and money.

Enter: CounterFlow.

Up until now, there has been a distinct lag in the adoption of machine learning for threat hunting, which primarily stems from the lack of analyst trust in black box algorithmic models. However, CounterFlow’s open architecture enables users to audit and evaluate processes and outcomes with unparalleled visibility, providing a level of transparency and trust unavailable from competitive  solutions.

“While other vendors demand blind trust from users, CounterFlow opens the hood for security teams to audit outcomes and ensure their accuracy”

ThreatEye relies both on external threat feeds to monitor incoming (north and south) activity as well as machine learning algorithms for intra-network (east and west) traffic to quickly identify Threat Actors. This intelligent packet capture technology improves the probability of finding advanced threats and perhaps most importantly shortens the “dwell time” between initial breach and detection. Security teams can reduce extraneous data noise (and thus storage requirements) by up to 80% while retaining 99.99% of forensically relevant packets.

ThreatEye’s capabilities provide threat hunters with superior threat intelligence at the highest speeds (100 Gbps) to improve search and data discovery and quickly identify and analyze network-based attacks while providing the openness to verify and tailor the data and guidance. The solution’s transparency invites security teams to confidently place trust in its guidance.