Unparalleled Network Visibility

You can’t protect against what you can’t see.

This fear of missing anything has led security teams to hoard everything. Every packet that travels your network is saved, but financial and resource limitations means that it’s only actually being saved for short times, which actually negates most of its potential value.

Network Monitoring is about the long game.

You need visibility into traffic over longer periods of time, not just days or weeks, but typically months. You need to mine the data to see trends, identify true anomalies and monitor for spikes and valleys. Current solutions that seek to save everything may look good on paper but offer limited value in practice.

The industry needs a new path forward — A new foundation that knows what to save and what to discard. One that knows what data will add value over time and what will simply take up space and confuse future efforts.

Enter: CounterFlow.

We’ve taken a new approach to packet capture, leveraging machine learning to intelligently determine which packets are valuable and which ones can be discarded. We save your team the effort of manually culling data to find the trends and anomalies, saving and presenting only the data that you need to determine the state of your network performance and protection efforts. The final result is much more accurate, efficient and practical network monitoring.