Removing Incident Response Obstacles

Overwhelming amounts of data hinders the entire process.

Whether you employ an internal Incident Response team or contract to a trusted partner, the challenges remain the same. For every breach, there is a magnitude of data to sift through in hopes of not only determining the extent of the damage, finding components of the attack and its payload/purpose, but also locating as many indicators of compromise (IoC), so that vulnerabilities can be patched, gaps can be addressed and attackers are prevented from doing this again.

Today, IR is as much about forensically analyzing and mitigating the immediate threat, as it is addressing the weaknesses that could allow the attacker to access your systems in the future. But, the overwhelming amounts of data these teams need to sift through hinder the entire process.

CounterFlow is changing this.

By providing IR teams with only the data they need, when they need it, vastly improving efficiency, accuracy and speed. No longer are teams weighed down by terabytes of data that don’t matter and only serve to slow and blur the process. CounterFlow is addressing the foundational challenge that has limited IR teams in their ability to quickly stop, analyze and minimize the threat of a repeat attack.

As the first true Intelligent Packet Capture solution, ThreatEye leverages machine learning to identify and store only the packets that matter – tuned specifically to your needs, environment and the threats you face. This makes IR and threat mitigation faster, smarter and more effective. Finally providing your security team with all of the data it needs and none of the noise that gets in the way.