About CounterFlow AI

CounterFlow AI is addressing the growing network visibility challenge created by the rise of encrypted traffic. Its ThreatEye® cloud-native analytics platform integrates cryptanalysis, packet dynamics, and machine learning techniques to identify patterns associated with network faults, anomalies, and threats in real-time. Unlike subversive SSL decryption methods, ThreatEye’s approach preserves privacy while rendering deep insights into both encrypted and unencrypted traffic.

Offered as SaaS, ThreatEye is designed for cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployments to easily extend the visibility of network and security operations across an entire enterprise.

Our Mission

To increase the visibility of network and security operations by identifying patterns in encrypted (and unencrypted) traffic associated with faults, anomalies, and threats in real-time.


Bill Cantrell

Chief Product Officer

Andrew Fast, Chief Data Scientist & Co-Founder

Andrew Fast

Chief Data Scientist

Meet Our Team

CounterFlow team

CounterFlow AI is driven by a veteran team of data scientists and network security enthusiasts who are dedicated to building solutions that protect and defend some of the largest and most complex enterprise networks in the world. The team behind the technology includes experts who are diligently focused on transforming traditional network forensics to better align with the needs of today’s enterprise organizations.

The team has an extensive track record of creating next-generation solutions for the enterprise that disrupt traditional approaches to network forensics. CounterFlow AI is able to deliver groundbreaking new solutions by combining the knowledge of experts across high-speed networking, cybersecurity, machine learning and data science to deliver the innovative technology that modern enterprises demand.