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If you’re a security analyst responsible for investigating alerts, performing forensics, or responding to incidents then this is the course that will help you gain a deep understanding how to most effectively catch bad guys and kick them out of your network. Investigation Theory is designed to help you overcome the challenges commonly associated finding and catching bad guys.

Learn the process of conducting security investigations regardless of the toolset.

• A simple investigation framework to ensure you’ll never get stuck or overwhelmed by data when pursuing leads.

• The characteristics of evidence and which sources will provide the most value.

• A formula for building investigation playbooks that will help you get to the right conclusion faster and consistently.

• Useful techniques for building timelines, making threat hunting observations, and optimizing your workflow.

Register at: Investigation Theory Training

Old Metropolitan Hall

101 E Main Street

Charlottesville, Virginia 22902

June 19th – 20th    9am -5pm

Lunch and Beverages Provided

*Laptop required for workshop exercises

Recommended Accommodations

Omni Hotel

Residence Inn